The World. Your either a 1 or a 0.

Everything we know.

Everything we love.

Everything we think.

Everything we are.

It’s all out there, in 1’s and 0’s. Yes’s and No’s to a series of questions that no one really knows.

It’s important to note that to this day very few things are impossible with computers, even if the process would take millions or billions of years, there are still algorithms that can do the job.

Our entire lives can be represented by an arbitrary series of 1’s and 0’s.

Videos, pictures, music, stories, games.

The most important skill anyone born today can have for the future, is optimism. Hope that the world will be a better place, when all the idiots of yester-year that destroyed the planet, die off. Kids these days are super smart, their lives enriched with so much knowledge early on. And the way the brain works, it’s accumulated and used that knowledge to develop pathways that make it easier to learn and process digital media.

We’ve hardwired an entire generation on digital goods and electronic learning. They will only get smarter, and their knowledge will only feed the next generation. This process will continue for years and years and eventually a newer form of learning will take the place of the brick and mortar learning environments common for the 20th century.

The 21st century will see the rise of algorithms capable of extending life or eliminating death. Space exploration on scales only dreamed of in Kubrick novels. We will populate the universe and finally know the answer – is there life out there? Yes, us.


Chapter 1

Girl's Dorm Room

October 3rd, 2215 A.D. – 5:00 A.M.

The Tri-Terrapin Interstellar Space Colony: Eastern Terrapin; Grace Military Academy for Girls. Freshman Dorm D

A slight breeze carried in hints of freshly tilled soiled and fresh fruit from a nearby orchard to the open dorm room window. Anna gazed out the window, enjoying the freedom of waking up an hour before everyone else in the dorm. The morning calm really was her favorite part of the day.

Everything on the Eastern Terrapin was so tightly packed together. With well over sixty-five percent of the Tri-Terrapin’s population residing on the Eastern Terrapin – it often felt super crowded during the day. Thankfully, this early in the morning – it was easier to enjoy the open space. Anna’s favorite part always came at the same time each day, she loved to watch the sky-synth panels come on for the first time in the morning. As the stars slowly faded into blue and white streaks, revealing a polished sapphire sky.

The technicians did a wonderful job of recreating the natural beauty of the Earth. Of course no one alive on the Eastern Terrapin had ever actually seen the Earth, so it was generally thought that as long as it was comforting and some shade of blue – it would suffice. There was very little transition between night and day, and few people where ever up early enough to witness the amazing sight – so it was her only guilty pleasure.

As Anna sat there staring at the newly rendered sky, she caught herself thinking of Earth. Nearly two hundred years had passed since it’s destruction and the formation of the Tri-Terrapin Colony. She had decided to dedicate her life to find a new home for those on the Eastern Terrapin, and hopefully get them out from under the thumb of the corrupt government on the Northern Terrapin.

The Northern Terrapin” she grumbled to herself.

Greedy, power-hungry, and water mongers. The Northern Terrapin was originally tasked with keeping the Tri-Terrapin’s water and power supplies plentiful and pure. The system however, was widely corrupted and had been for well over a century due to poor leadership. The North – controlling over ninety percent of the water in the entire colony – has been holding the Western and Eastern Terrapins hostage ever since. Becoming the official leader of the Tri-Terrapin, creating and enforcing all the laws that govern the people. The majority of military duty wasn’t to protect the people, but to police them. The entire system was facing a complete social breakdown on a daily basis.

Sadly – this didn’t keep anyone from wanting to live on the Northern Terrapin. In fact most of the cadets in the military academies on the Eastern Terrapin strive to join the Cross Squadron’s Elite scout unit, simply for the chance to live a better life in the North. The majority of the career veterans from this elite unit end up with very cushy academic jobs in the Northern Terrapin, teaching rich kids about the wonders of space exploration.

The corruptness of it all made Anna’s head and heart hurt. She wanted nothing more than to free the people of the Northern Terrapin’s tyrannical rule. Even though her goal of joining the Elite scouts was what most people where aiming for, her end game was much different.

ARGHH! She screamed at herself, as she clasped her head with both hands in an effort to forcefully change what was on her mind.

She calmed herself down and tried to enjoy the scenery again, fussing over the state of their small colony always got her blood boiling, but she had more pressing matters for the time being.

Movement could finally be heard in the dorms, she was no longer the only one awake. Anna had always been an early bird. Often waking up two full hours before everyone else. She just didn’t need as much sleep as everyone else, and she never could figure out why. She would often stay up til midnight or later, but would always been up by four or five in the morning. Her roommate was quite the opposite. Often waking up just before they had to leave.

Speaking of her roommate, the lazy lump laid snoring softly on the other side of the room, her clothes strewn about haphazardly as usual.

Calling Miya a slob was a bit of an understatement, yet Anna couldn’t help but love the clumsy and awkward girl. Even if she was ill-suited for the strict rules of a military academy.

Watching Miya sleep was another of Anna’s guilty pleasures.

My Second Blog Post – Ever (whoo! I’m getting the hang of it)

Greetings friends!

As the day has progressed, I’ve been having a blast promoting my book using the all powerful Twitter-verse!

Social media is an elusive mistress, but if you treat her right, magic can happen.

I’ve been hard at work proofing the first half of the second book. I’ve got most of the story and dialogue done. Days like today make me feel bad that I didn’t make the first book just a little bit longer, but I wanted to leave a few loose ends to tie up in the books to follow it, I hope those of you that read it are looking forward to the next book!

I’ve been invited to sit down with for an interview for their podcast. (It’s a pre-interview so I’m not sure if I’ll actually appear on their show, we’ll see how it goes!)

I would love for my book to be an animated feature/series in the future. Maybe even a live action full length film. Things have a way of working out, so who knows what the future will hold!.

Thank you all for checking out my second post and I look forward to any questions or comments you may have!


My First Blog Post – Ever.

Greetings bloggers and those that read blogs. This is my first official Blog post – ever!

If your visiting this blog, you’ve stumbled upon something that will hopefully be great (in the future, as it’s not really that great right now).

I have just published my first book “The Chronicles of Kyros`Talia: Book One: Connections [Part 1]” on Amazon and And I’m currently writing the second book “The Chronicles of Kyros`Talia: Book Two: Endings” for anyone that has already read the first book and came here looking for information on the next release, please click the “Releases” tab for overall progress on the entire 10 book series.

I have big plans for my small slice of the universe. A single book will be between 75 and 150 pages. But in the future I hope to continue past the 10 books I have and go deeper into the cultural of the Kyros`Talian universe.  I hope you all are as excited as I am.

Also, if it’s not to much trouble – and you really liked the books, please feel free to tell any or all of your friends and family or even perfect strangers. I won’t ask you to beg anyone to buy the book though =) That’s my job!

Ok, I think that was a decent enough first blog post. Hopefully I’ll have more information for those of you seeking it, soon. Have a wonderful day, and stay frosty!