My First Blog Post – Ever.

Greetings bloggers and those that read blogs. This is my first official Blog post – ever!

If your visiting this blog, you’ve stumbled upon something that will hopefully be great (in the future, as it’s not really that great right now).

I have just published my first book “The Chronicles of Kyros`Talia: Book One: Connections [Part 1]” on Amazon and And I’m currently writing the second book “The Chronicles of Kyros`Talia: Book Two: Endings” for anyone that has already read the first book and came here looking for information on the next release, please click the “Releases” tab for overall progress on the entire 10 book series.

I have big plans for my small slice of the universe. A single book will be between 75 and 150 pages. But in the future I hope to continue past the 10 books I have and go deeper into the cultural of the Kyros`Talian universe.  I hope you all are as excited as I am.

Also, if it’s not to much trouble – and you really liked the books, please feel free to tell any or all of your friends and family or even perfect strangers. I won’t ask you to beg anyone to buy the book though =) That’s my job!

Ok, I think that was a decent enough first blog post. Hopefully I’ll have more information for those of you seeking it, soon. Have a wonderful day, and stay frosty!



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