Book One: Connections [Part 1] Prologue


2655 A.D.

The night crept into the house. As the family inside slept, terrible whispers began to howl throughout the universe. Fate had come for the youngest of them.

The young woman’s eyelids shot open, and her eyes darted around the room as it trembled slightly. Something was definitely not right.

Seeking realization but finding only panic, her heart began to race her mind. Flying out of the room, her growing fear drove her toward the nursery. As she came to the doorway, what she saw, stopped her dead in her tracks.

The black hole ripped the room apart. Churning and devouring everything. The crib and baby where already consumed by the endless black space. Sprinting toward the darkness her screams fell silent as the void ripped them away from her. Fortunately for her it closed before she could leap in.

Not fortunate enough though, for her child.

* * *

2045 A.D.

A cold void opened with hellish black flames spewing forth super heated matter. The destruction was cataclysmic, hundreds of fields and forest destroyed instantly. Everything in the path of the fire laid to waste.

The people of the Eastern Terrapin – having only been in space for a few decades – where devastated. Many lives where lost from the famine alone. Rationing for the 10 million people on the Tri-Terrapin would come at a very high cost.

After days of rioting, a miracle occurred. Out of the rubble of a small hut a healthy baby girl was found. Her life gave them the hope they needed to muster the courage to survive through the hard years ahead. As a result many great innovations came about because of the events that day.

* * *

2215 A.D.

There are now over forty-five million people living in the Tri-Terrapin Colony. The three inter-locked tortoise shaped colonial space ships, with a small star powering their journey. The Tri-Terrapin is the last vestige of human civilization.

Earth was destroyed years before in a calamity known to the people as “Starshed.” That day their own star turned against them and they where forced to flee the solar system in search of a new home. A great hero with amazing telekinetic abilities was worshiped as the savior of the human race. His sacrifice led to the quick construction of the Tri-Terrapin, and the survival of millions.

Approaching it’s one hundred ninty-fifth year in space, the citizens of the colony have known only the replicated earth-like Terrapins’ as their home. The colony is experiencing much political and social turmoil as valuable resources are hoarded by the Northern Terrapin. It’s only a matter of time before conflict erupts will a new hero emerge?

* * *


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